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 We have a very simple vision - to create extraordinary coffee for Australians to enjoy!


The journey to realise this vision has become an obsession, to the point where we probably know more about what it takes to make a great coffee pod than we ever thought possible…and throughout this process of continual experimentation and refinement, we reckon we’ve learnt enough to create our own science (well, pseudo…), and now proudly refer to it as ‘Podology’!

The Pod Lab was originally founded by coffee evangelist Paul, and (we think!) has worked to develop the best Nespresso® compatible pods available on Australian market today.

The original concept for The Pod Lab was formed through Paul’s frustratingly difficult search for coffee pods that produced authentic and tasty coffee flavours, and importantly a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the drinker. 



After all, coffee is about enjoyment and this is central to how The Pod Lab operates.


Coffee pod machines are fantastic in their ingenuity and convenience, and Paul set about testing his theory that amazing quality coffee beans, expertly popped inside a pod, could produce an amazing cup of coffee.  The Pod Lab’s purpose became laser focussed on bridging this gap between a coffees made by bearded baristas in cafes, and the millions of pod coffees made at homes and businesses around Australia every day. 


the pod lab


The upside we saw for Australian coffee pod drinkers was huge if we were able to get this right.



Today, we feel strongly that The Pod Lab is delivering on our vision and have crafted a range of the highest quality pods on the Australian market. 

This psuedo-science of Podology we've created is actually pretty simple...

  1. Source amazing quality specialty beans from around the World
  2. Expertly roast them, specifically for use within a pod
  3. Create a balanced range of blends to suit every coffee drinker


We also wanted to ensure our pods were environmentally friendly, and are proud to only stock fully biodegradable and compostable pods. 


We thank you for allowing The Pod Lab to tag along on your coffee journeys, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



The Pod Lab Team