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Here’s what our customers are saying...

Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback people!

Based on 327 reviews
Great buy

I am so thankful to have found decaf organic pods! The taste is not as strong as I with real (caffeinated) coffee but still is nice! They also hand write a "hello" on the box which is sweet! Website is super easy to use and the shipments are quick!

The Variety Box
Macquarie Vets
Perfect for our workplace reduce waste!

We love the Variety Box from The Pod Lab at work as there is something for everyones tastes and it helps us work towards being as sustainable as possible!

The Variety Box
Jessica Johnston
Great coffee

Tried lots of different pods but these actually taste the best by far!

Surprisingly smooth

I don't like strong coffee because I'm a bit of a wuss. My friend, who loves strong coffee, told me to try Ted because he said it was excellent. I was hesitant but gave it a whirl. I was surprised by how much I liked it. It's smooth and not overwhelming (I used a long shot). It's now one of my "must haves" when I restock my pods.

The Variety Box
Renae Carolin
Great Pod coffee with less guilt

I love when my next shipment arrives from the Pod Lab. The coffee is as good as my local barista, but I can also look my 17yr old environmentally aware daughter in the eye as the pods go into the compost rather than the bin. Be wary some other brands are recyclable but not compostable.

The Variety Box
Bronwyn bisley

The Variety Box

Ted - Smooth & Creamy
Jane O’Brien
So yum and smooth coffee

Ted coffee is so smooth and creamy. We just love it. I have our entire house loving the Ted, and the compostible pods make it even better. I recommend it to all.
Cheers Jane

Pearl - Rich & Sweet
Hayley Foster
Awesome Taste and Service

Absolutely love the coffee from Pod Lab. Its my piece of heaven for the day! Speedy service and love the personalised note in the box!

Great coffee pods

Bought these for my husband for Father’s Day and he loved both Ted and Henry, would definitely buy them again!

The Variety Box
Janelle Friend
Pearl is my Girl

Delicious and creamy.

Henry - Dark & Bold
Jane O’Brien
Great tasting coffee

Loving the taste of Henry coffee. Loving the fact it is compostable. I will recommend to all my friends and family.

Awesome coffee

I received my Rusty decaf pods recently and have been really impressed with the flavour and strength. Especially love that the pods are compostable. My only request is that the plastic packaging the pods come in becomes recycled cardboard! Thanks

The Variety Box
Trish Nel
Tasty coffee

Can really "taste" the coffee compared to other brands we have tried!

Henry - Dark & Bold
Cody Thomas
Excellent recyclable pods

Totally stoked with our new coffee pods! They are the perfect strength and the fact that they are compostable means you can have the convenience without the guilt.

Good Morning Henry

Picture yourself in a boat on a river. With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

The Variety Box
Roberta Marcroft
Glad I changed

The Pod Lab pods smell and taste delicious and work perfectly with my Nespresso machine. Love that they’re easy and convenient to recycle in my own bin. And the personalised message on delivery was a nice surprise! These are keeping me going in lockdown!! PS. Even arrived on a weekend! Delivery was super fast👍

Decaf without the compromise

Rusty is a life saver! Perfect for those of us who can’t process caffeine like they did in their 20’s but have yet to give up on life entirely. Great crema, smooth finish, yet intense enough to not be overwhelmed by milk.

Henry and Pearl - the perfect couple

I like a latte, he likes espresso. We tried the variety box and, while it was a toss-up between Thelma and Pearl, there was never any doubt about Henry. So, now we have our favourites and are happily enjoying cafe-quality coffee at home. Thanks The Pod Lab.


Not strong enough for me though.

The Variety Box
Ralph Marszalek
Great coffee!

Really excellent quality coffee pods, with fantastic service from the Pod Lab team. Super fast shipping!

New pod design is more robust

Love the variety of coffee

Rusty - Organic Decaf
Jane O’Brien
lovely Decaf Coffee

I would highly recommend Rusty Decaf Coffee from the Pod Lab. So enjoyable, and loving the compostible factor. Well done The Pod Lab.

The Variety Box
Laura Clarke
Great from start to finish!

Review Summary:
Ordering - Easy
Despatch - Quickly
Packing - Well packed
Compatibility with my Nespresso Machine - no issues so far and extracting the right amount of coffee
And most importantly the coffee - very smooth, good flavours and goes with milk (which is the way I like it)
From start to finish its been great - definitely recommended!

My fave decaf pods

These are honestly fantastic

Rusty - Organic Decaf
Nerise Proctor
Decaf without compromise

Dusty is the perfect afternoon decaf coffee. I didn't feel like it was a compromise or a let down, just lovely mild flavour.