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Here’s what our customers are saying...

Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback people!

Based on 227 reviews
Great Coffee

Easy to order, quick to be delivered and so far delicious coffee. I have tried two of the coffee types so far and they have been great. Other compostable coffee pods I have tried have not been as strong and tasty, great job The Pod Lab :)

Great flavour!

Ordered these for a late afternoon coffee, or late evening espresso martini. Worked a treat so that I wasn't awake all night!

Difficult choices made easy!

Since finally deciding to purchase a pod machine we’ve been constantly trying new brands of pods. Some have been rather good, others, not so much. It was difficult to “settle” on one brand.
However, our purchase of the variety box from the Pod Lab has ended our search.
The beautifully nuanced range of rich, full-bodied, flavours and aromas offered in the variety box mean we know longer need to consider which brand of pod, just which variety. And the choice is made even easier knowing that it doesn’t really matter which one you choose because you’re certain to enjoy each one.
Though we must admit, Ted and Pearl are our favourites.
The eco friendly nature of the pods is an aspect we do appreciate as well.
All in all, no more searching...the Pod Lab has made difficult choices easy!

Delicious !

Great coffee

Great selection of coffee blends. Even better because they are compostable.

Smooth and creamy

I love this product

Best pods I've tried

I've tried quite a few different brands and these (along with the Henry) are the clear winner in my opinion. Shipping was very fast too.

Yummy decaf

Finally an organic decaf coffee that is also biodegradable! The Rusty pods are yummy & it also means I can enjoy my daily coffees without the caffeine.

Best eco coffee I've tried!

Ive tried a few compostable / biodegradable coffee pods and these are by far the best and strongest I've tried! They pair well with almond milk.


Thank you

Tasty coffee and timely delivery

My only criticism would be that everything is only available in very small quantities (packaged as 10 pods), when we go through them quite quickly (3 per day).

Haaave you met Ted?

For the past 6 months I'd been buying capsules from the coffee machine brand. I ordered from the Pod Lab as I was looking for a more environmentally friendly capsule, but I knew from the moment I opened the first bag and caught the delicious smell of coffee that I was in for a treat. I didn't realise how horrible the original capsules I was using were until I tried this kit and was able to actually taste 4 distinct flavours. So far I think Ted is my favourite, but I'm absolutely certain I'll be ordering from here again!

Dark and Bold

Just the way we like it!

The Variety Box

Great Coffee

Amazing coffee in, great variety. So happy to be using a more eco-friendly option.

Great coffee

Super happy with the coffee and service.

Great coffee

Excellent coffee. Only issue is sometimes the pods squash in the Nespresso machine so don’t make coffee and have to be discarded without using.

The ordering/ delivery service excellent. The pods are a bit of a fiddle on my nesspresdo machine (8 yrs old) I have to press down on the pod as I engage the lever to press the pod to the perforated metal plate.

Really REALLY great coffee

Tuly the pods these guys do are sensational. The coffee is so fresh. I also feel happy that I'm doing my bit for the environment.

Ted lives up to the top rating allocated to to this coffee pod by my family judges
It was compared to a number of popular pods and came out on top.
Well done Ted !

Best pods on the Market

Great tasting coffee and the pods go straight into the green bin. No irritating foil lids to scrape off like others. Great price too! Outstanding!

Delicious variety, great brand and love the earth friendly choice

Excellent Coffee, Fast Delivery

I love this coffee! It is so fresh and great in all forms. I have at least one daily. The best pod coffee I have ever had.

Still loving the Rusty vibes

Been ordering the Rusty since it’s release and the taste is still amazing!

When taste matters too.

Am happy to be making a small contribution to healing our world, but it is pretty easy when the coffee is this good!