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Here’s what our customers are saying...

Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback people!

Based on 375 reviews
The Variety Box
Millicent Ballancin
First time buyer

I was very impressed by the taste of the pods. The nespresso pods fit well but it does take a bit more force to close my lattissima plus after inserting the capsule. We are pleased the pods are compostable!

Henry the great!!

Henry is by far the greatest coffee pod I've ever had. Either as an espresso or latte, the strong bold flavours of the Henry are the greatest


Very nice coffee flavour. I like strong coffee and these are great! Also good value.

Tastes like real coffee!

This has been purchased for work and the best review you can get is from a coffee snob declaring, 'This tastes like real coffee!'.

Subscribe & Save 10-15%
Rachel Ollington
Fresh decafe

Love the fresh taste of this coffee and the subscription ability is so easy! Thank you

Great coffee but challenging to subscribe

By far the best pods out there in my view but frustrating experience to re-order which should be quick and easy. After creating an account with contact details when I went to place an order my details didn’t pre-populate. I gave up putting an order through.

The Variety Box
Kate Beeson

I am fussy with the taste of coffee. I liked all the 4 flavours that I got however I think Pearl was my favourite. It had a wonderfully bold taste that I really liked.

So easy

We never have to worry about running out of pods - the next order is already on the way!

The Variety Box
Jacqui Johnston
Good timing

I have been so pleased with our pod lab purchase. I was looking for pods that are environmentally friendly but they also make great coffee. We've enjoyed Ted and Thelma so far and are about to move onto Henry! I'll definitely be ordering more. Our order was well timed as it arrived just as we all got covid so at least we were well supplied with coffee!

Best decaf

Rusty is such a great decaf. The flavour is fantastic. It's mild but satisfying. If you're someone like me and can't do caffeine after lunch (don't judge), this is a great afternoon pick-me-up.

Pearl - Rich & Sweet
Kristen Wells
Love Pearl

Just ordered 12 bags for the family. Smooth, beautiful flavour which is a favourite of everyone all day long. So nice to be able to put the used pods in our council ‘fogo’ recycling bin to help look after the environment. Can’t recommend Pod lab highly enough-great customer service. A loyalty program would be a nice addition for customers.

Rusty Decaf Pod Review

Great taste - only issue is the pod sometimes doesn’t eject as cleanly as a Nespresso pod. Like the fact the pods are compostable. Will order again.

Thelma - Fresh & Vibrant
Katherine Webber
Lighter and fruity

The perfect afternoon pick-me-up during work, best served as a long black. Full of flavour, but never bitter

Love Henry's intensity!

Really like this blend. Nice and strong, with great depth of flavour.


Wish it wasn't the case but we like the blokes the best. Henry and Ted.

Great Coffee

Really enjoy Pod-Lab decaf coffee. Their service is fast and efficient too!

Best pod coffee

The pods made by these company are unbelievably delicious. The pods are also biodegradable and compostable. So everyone is a winner

The Variety Box
Stewart Ford
Great selection

We really enjoy all of the pod styles, they’re all so good. And how good is it to be able to dispose of them in FOGO!

The Variety Box
Danielle Churchill
Love them!

Delicious and biodegradable 😊

Great coffee

This business is producing great coffee with an eye for the environment.

I only drink the ‘Ted’ pod which is a balanced strong coffee. I could not recommend the product more.

Ted - Smooth & Creamy
Katherine Webber
Lovely and smooth, yet strong

Perfect for a long black drinker.

The Variety Box
Terresa F
A great taste tester pack

I have enjoyed this started pack greatly as my first order from The Pod Lab. All four blends are well packaged and their descriptions are spot on. I’m enjoying my morning coffee and feel confident in my future coffee orders to Pod Lab. Pearl is my favourite - so creamy. Love the earth friendly packaging as well as the coffee. I’ll be ordering again.

Great coffee

Amazing coffee pods

Both Ted and Henry are amazing

An excellent option

The Henry has a strong bold taste for the harder mornings. The packaging inside and out is clever. My pods are always fresh. This is a great Australian company who deliver pods quickly and they taste great with a great price.