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Here’s what our customers are saying...

Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback people!

Based on 352 reviews
Amazing coffee pods

Both Ted and Henry are amazing

An excellent option

The Henry has a strong bold taste for the harder mornings. The packaging inside and out is clever. My pods are always fresh. This is a great Australian company who deliver pods quickly and they taste great with a great price.

Rusty is great

Gives that great afternoon coffee taste without the kick.

Subscribe & Save 10-15%
Jane O’Brien
New Subscription order

Love the coffee, the service was always great, my new subscription makes receiving my coffee easier. Keep up the great Service. I highly recommend this service and coffee.

Henry - Dark & Bold
Denise Pickett

Great. Enjoying Henry coffee flavour. I don’t like mine as strong as my husband so I have a small cup from machine. This way I only need to buy one flavour.

Rusty - Organic Decaf
Florence Margan
The Pod Lab

I ordered pods from 3 different companies The Pod Lab being one. Decaf+Intense +mid intensity and researched all, some black some with milk. I naked them as I went. The Pod Lab was far superior than the other 2. Rusty is a good Decaf even though I prefer real coffee. I purchased Rusty, Pearl, Ted and Thelma. Thankyou

Ted - Smooth & Creamy
Hannah Balint

Always hits the spot in our house.

Ted - Smooth & Creamy
Kristen Wells
Awesome coffee

So happy to have found pod lab. Great coffee and compostable pods!

Rusty - Organic Decaf
Katherine Webber
Tastes just as good as full strength

Rusty decaf is delicious, strong and full-bodied. You wouldn't know it was decaf.

The Variety Box
Julianne W.
Loving the variety and Environmentally friendly

Received my variety pack of pods and they really do look lovely. I have just tried the Pearl and it is very yummy. I look forward to trying the others and working out my favourites. I love that the pods contain no aluminum and a lot of thought has gone in to making these pods safe for ourselves and the environment.

Ted - Smooth & Creamy
Stephen Sanderson
Ted Coffee Pod

Followed the instructions to warm up the machine first and the Ted coffee was amazing. Great flavour!!

Love them!

I purchase a subscription box for our holiday let, the coffee pods are always gone after guest(s) have checked out- I assume they've enjoyed the pods as much as I do!

I like to think I am planet friendly, so purchasing pods which are produced and disposed of that are planet friendly is a huge thumbs up for me! Another thumbs up for the blends, excellent taste. Truly can't fault The Pod Lab.

The Variety Box
Richard Taggart
Delicious and great value!

Loved my Pod Lab variety pack, every cup was beautiful

Henry - Dark & Bold
Ryan Holton
Seriously good

Perfect for my 4am wake up calls. Do yourself a favour and give them a try.

Great coffee - and good for the environment

My breakfast favourite - great with milk for a refreshed start in the morning. Love the environmentally friendly biodegradable/compostable pods!

Great coffee

I bought the variety box to try the various blends. All were good but the Henry is particularly delicious. If you like a strong, robust coffee Henry fits the bill perfectly. Pod Lab coffee tastes better than any other pod brands I have tried, including more expensive brands.
Now I can enjoy my Nespresso knowing the pods are compostable and environmentally friendly.

A great Aussie with a real alternative

A great Aussie with a real alternative and cheaper than a majority of Nespresso options. I’ve had the tester pack and now I’ve come back for more of the ones I preferred.

Pearl - Rich & Sweet
Katherine Webber
Pearl is delicious, strong, yet smooth

Pearl is delicious, strong, yet smooth. Really lovely.

Pearl - Rich & Sweet
Jane O’Brien
Perfect Pearl

Pearl is creamy and a wonderful taste with or without milk. Once again not disappointed. Great delivery service. Love your work


Please allow me to introduce myself. Here's a drink of wealth and taste.

Monday Saver

Kick starts the day for us at the centre.

Good for a light coffee hit

I like Thelma if I want to have a coffee in the afternoon as it’s not as strong as Henry or Ted

Ted - Smooth & Creamy
Jessica Johnston
Best coffee!

These are the most delicious of the compostable coffee pods! Great work The Pod Lab!!


I really like Thelma too. So happy with the flavour, I make mine into a frothy creamy latte. It's nice to have anytime of the day without being too strong........fresh, delightful, easy to want another cup.

The Variety Box
Adrienne Stephens
Great Coffee

Received my first Variety Box - and the coffee is superb!