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What our customers say...

Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback people!

Based on 59 reviews

The Variety Box

love the concept

love the biodegradable concept, however mostly the pods are a little weak, Ted is probalby the only one I'd buy again.

Strong and Tasty

Biodegradable, strong and excellent taste. Really enjoying the fact that I can now drink my coffee in the morning with a keep cup and pods that don't go to landfill. Sometimes I use 2 pods for my coffee in the morning which really gives me a great kick and still under $2. Better than the $5 down at the local. Thanks Pod Lab.

Tasty brews

Nice coffee - excellent taste and aroma. Pods are a bit difficult to get in but extraction is good. Will order again!

We love a bit of Thelma in the morning

New to Podlab coffee and really enjoying the coffee. Pearl and Thelma are our favourites. Great to wake up to in the morning. Really appreciate the fact that the pods are biodegradable and Aussie made. Highly recommend!!

Great coffee!

This coffee is delicious! Really love that I can throw the pods in my compost bin. Highly recommend :)

Ted is great!

Have no reason to go to a cafe now for great coffee with the added bonus of less impact on the environment. I have another man in my life now - His name is Ted! Thanks Thepodlab.


We love it. All of the flavours were delicious and the fact it’s environmentally friendly is amazing. Definitely recommend.

Delicious coffee!

A delicious way to start my day at work, and no need to walk to the cafe to pay for an overpriced latte! Rich and smooth, just lovely. A lovely treat every morning.

Conscious coffee

I love black coffee so the quality needs to be very good, as there is no milk or sweetener to hide behind. All these coffees are great. But I also love the fact that this coffee has a conscience, and the pods biodegrade. That’s something that has always put me off pod coffee in the past.
So good coffee to bring me to consciousness in the morning and also easy my conscience about using pods. Highly recommend The Pod Lab.

Great coffee for intermittent fasters

I started Fasting a few weeks back & black coffee was a challenge. I was in any case looking for ecofriendly pods & thus landed up trying these. Got the variety box & am planning to stick to the smooth & creamy. It has made me look forward to the morning black coffee ( which I dreaded before Pod lab) .. Thanks a ton guys.

Great intense flavour

Punchy intense flavour, a great coffee to start the morning with.

Great coffee

Great coffee!!!!

Great machine, tasty coffee

Perfect portable coffee machine and excellent tasty coffee “Henry” and “Ted’.

Great strong flavourful coffee

Great strong flavour and lovely aroma. The perfect kick start to the day. Highly recommend.

Excellent strength and smootness

This would be my pick of the bunch, excellent strength, yet still smooth and not bitter.

Great for camping

This has become my ultimate camping machine. Easy to operate and clean, it fits into a small pocket in the camper and just works! Great gift.

Love it. So easy and environmentally friendly.

A little muscle for a great coffee

The coffees, Ted, Henry and Thelma are great. The Minipresso needs a little muscle to work the pump and I run hot water through each pod twice to get a larger coffee but the cream is lovely and the flavour excellent.

We have tried the variety box and all of them were delicious but Ted is definitely our favorite. It is smooth & creamy just as described...about to order some more now!!!

Excellent Service

I would like to thank the Pod Lab for their initiative in providing a Christmas gift.....the gift for anyone who has everything. I was delighted with the service, the communication, package delivery and professionalism. Just wish I had more people I could by this special Christmas gift for. Perhaps next year. All the very best with the business in 2019. I will definitely remain a customer.

Best coffee pods and environmentally friendly like a barista coffee!

Love these pods - amazing!

Great tasting coffee from pods!

I bought a batch of Ted and Thelma and have really enjoyed the lovely rich taste and aroma that these pods can produce. The fact that they are fully compostable is a bonus too and I’ve been throwing them in my compost bin. Highly recommended!

Very cool!

I was given one of these as a birthday present - really easy to use and makes great coffee!

A Coffee Hit!

Beautiful coffee and the biodegradable pods are fantastic! I have recommended them to friends who were looking for alternatives to Nespresso pods and to friends who were looking for biodegradable products. They have all ordered and have loved it too!