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Getting The Best Out of Your Nespresso Machine
Getting The Best Out of Your Nespresso Machine

Nespresso® Tips & Tricks


Want to know how to get the best out of your Nespresso® Machine?

Luckily, Nespresso® machines are pretty easy to master with a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Watch out, you'll be a fellow 'Podologist' in no time!


~ Tip # 1 ~

Nespresso machines are programmable  - if you hold down the either the short (Espresso) or long (Lungo) button for a set amount of time, your machine will remember this for next time.  This means that the amount of water flowing through your pods will be the same every time which is an important part in making consistently delicious coffee.

~ Tip # 2 ~

Don’t run a shot longer than 20-25 seconds!  The longer you run a shot of coffee (ie. the more water you flow through a pod) doesn’t necessarily equate to a stronger coffee.  The bulk of flavour is extracted in the first 15-20 secs, and beyond that you are mostly getting an increasingly diluted coffee that will not taste great.
So stick to 20 second shots.

~ Tip # 3 ~

Always, always, always, run a few ‘ghost shots’ (ie. with no pods in your Nespresso machine) to warm everything up!  Just like commercial espresso machines, even home machines function better when warmed up a bit – not to mention, it’s also a good routine to adopt as it cleans out your Nespresso machine between shots to remove any random coffee grinds that get left behind. 
These old grinds can affect the flavours of future shots so it’s good to get rid of them!

~ Tip # 4 ~

 If your pods get stuck in the chamber between shots, it’s just because they’ve swollen a little – they are made from eco-friendly plant based materials after all!  All you need to do, is with your machine open simply poke them down gently with your finger or back of a spoon to eject them – you won’t damage your machine by doing this.

Good Luck Podologists!!