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Rusty - Organic Decaf


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- Organic Decaf - 


Rusty brings decaffeinated decadence to all types of coffee occasions.

Curiously addictive.


Intensity 7/10


Rusty is genuinley surprising.  Decaffeinated using Swiss Water Process (SWP) and using certified organic beans, it's a triumph for those who seek a coffee with real a coffee flavour hit, minus all that pesky caffeine .  The perfect night cap indulgence, suitable all day long.  

We build intensity of flavour through using carefully selected specialty coffee beans for their unique depth and big characteristics.  Many other pods have a distinctive 'pod flavour' that comes from using predominately cheaper bean varieties - the result is a cup that struggles to provide an authentic coffee experience and simply doesn't taste like it should.   

Rusty is a coffee pod for all occasions - also just happens to be decaf!


  • 15 x Specialty Grade Coffee Pods
  • 100% Nespresso® Compatible 
  • 100 % Eco-Friendly - Fully Biodegradable & Compostable Pods
  • Fully recyclable packaging through REDcycle program
  • Expertly crafted in Australia at The Pod Lab
  • Made to be savoured and enjoyed!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not completely satisfied



Mix & Match our different blends and receive discounts for buying additional bags!

And remember, FREE SHIPPING for orders over $45!



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Debby Smyth
Great buy

I am so thankful to have found decaf organic pods! The taste is not as strong as I with real (caffeinated) coffee but still is nice! They also hand write a "hello" on the box which is sweet! Website is super easy to use and the shipments are quick!

Eleni Cody
Awesome coffee

I received my Rusty decaf pods recently and have been really impressed with the flavour and strength. Especially love that the pods are compostable. My only request is that the plastic packaging the pods come in becomes recycled cardboard! Thanks

Decaf without the compromise

Rusty is a life saver! Perfect for those of us who can’t process caffeine like they did in their 20’s but have yet to give up on life entirely. Great crema, smooth finish, yet intense enough to not be overwhelmed by milk.

Jane O’Brien
lovely Decaf Coffee

I would highly recommend Rusty Decaf Coffee from the Pod Lab. So enjoyable, and loving the compostible factor. Well done The Pod Lab.

My fave decaf pods

These are honestly fantastic

Nerise Proctor
Decaf without compromise

Dusty is the perfect afternoon decaf coffee. I didn't feel like it was a compromise or a let down, just lovely mild flavour.